WeighMax 4830 330Lb Digital Shipping Scale Review

WeighMax 4830 330Lb Digital Shipping Scale Review

WeighMax 4830 330Lb Digital Shipping Scale The WeighMax 4830 330Lb Digital Shipping Scale is a shipping scale that easily weighs all types of letters and packages to a combined weight of 330 pounds.

By using this scale you will no longer have to go to the post office to have your bundles weighed before they’re shipped off.

Key Features

  • Can weigh a maximum amount of 330 pounds
  • Has an accuracy of 2 ounces
  • Can weigh items in ounces, pounds or kilograms
  • Comes equipped with a built in clock feature
  • Comes with an adaptor and batteries included

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The WeighMax 4830 scale easily and accurately weighs all letters and packages you wish to send out, up to a weight of 330 pounds. This amount is significantly higher than most scales on the market nowadays. This device is accurate as well, with a precision down to 2 ounces.

The scale weighs items in terms of ounces, pounds or kilograms. This variety is important when shipping items internationally, for the weight rules and regulations may differ in different countries.

WeighMax 4830 330Lb Digital Shipping ScaleOne thing that separates the WeighMax 4830 from other scale is that it comes with a built in clock feature. You can therefore easily check the time anytime you wish. The scale comes with a tare button and an auto-off feature as well. This scale can be used with its 9V A/C adaptor or 9 volt batteries, which are both included when purchasing the device


  • One thing that users particularly like about this device is that you can use it both plugged into a socket or on its own with batteries. This makes it easily portable.
  • The large weighing area and heavy amount of weight that this scale can deal with has been commended as well.
  • The tare and hold functions work well. Can deal with loads that weigh up to 330 pounds.
  • The display is not mounted on the unit so you can weigh larger boxes.


Some users however don’t like the fact that when the battery is in the unit and the scale is switched off the clock is still working. This will eventually wear down the battery, however the weighmax comes with an ac adaptor, so it should not be an issue unless you have no power outlets.

Customer Reviews

The vast majority of users enjoy the quality given to them by the WeighMax 4830 scales. The scale is easy to handle, easy to transport and easy to store. It is compact, but manages to weigh bundles of up to 330 pounds in weight. Many customers loved the accuracy, especially the 0.05 pounds up to 150 lbs.

Very often I ship extra large boxes. I was having trouble with other scales when the boxes were too large and the readout wasn’t visible at all, or was way off. This scale has a large base, and when it is placed on a table top, you can place a very large box on it to weigh.

The coil can be pretty far away, certainly enough to make seeing the weight a super easy task. When I made a mistake with my old scale which was way off weight wise, it cost me almost as much for that one shipments error in shipping weight I had billed, as this scale cost. It already has much more than paid for itself. I would highly recommend it.

Marshall Meyers, Amazon Customer Review

WeighMax 4830 330Lb Digital Shipping Scale Purchased scale to help with UPS & Fed-X ground shipments. Works great–display head on coiled cord ia sometimes a pain–Always takes two hands to move scale. Scale easy to use and display easy to read. Good choice.

W Lange, Amazon Customer Review

The Weighmax 4830 has been reviewed by 388 customers on Amazon with an impressive customer rating of 4.2 out of 5.0. Click here to read more verified reviews on Amazon.


Overall, the WeighMax 4830 330 Lb Digital Shipping Scale is a practical buy for anybody looking for a small scale to weigh heavy packages. The device can deal with bundles of up to 330 pounds in weight.

Where to Buy

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