Accuteck ShipPro W-8580-110lbs Digital Shipping Postal Scale Review

Accuteck ShipPro W-8580-110lbs Digital Shipping Postal Scale Review

Accuteck ShipPro 110lbs Digital Shipping Postal Scale

Our Score 9.0    9.0/10


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Key Features

  • Capacity: 110 lb. 
  • Accuracy: 0.1oz
  • Reading Modes: Pounds/ounces, ounces, kilograms/grams, grams
  • Extended cord with Large Backlit energy saving display
  • Has Hold, Tare function
  • Newest technology for easy calibration.
  • Two way sided fold up mailer holder
  • Can Be powered by batteries, USB cable or Ac adapter.

The Accuteck ShipPro 110lbs Digital Shipping Postal Scale can weigh packages and letters up to 110 lbs.

The weight of packages and letters are displayed on a LCD display that comes with a long coiled cord, which allows you to move the display out of the way of larger items you are weighing. The scale come with a Tare function so you can weigh things in containers if you choose.

You can pick it up these scales and take them almost anywhere you want to without being dependent on access to a USB port or power-cord. All you need to do is put in the AAA batteries and off you go. The USB cable can only be used to power the scales, presently you can’t use the cable to transfer information to a PC.

This scale comes with an auto-timer so if you get very busy maybe because your attaching shipping labels the scale will turn off automatically.

Accuteck ShipPro 110lbs Digital Shipping Postal Scale


  • Extremely easy to use.
  • An auto timer
  • The LCD display is back lit allowing it to be read in low lighting.
  • Multiple means to power the scales including USB, power cord and batteries.
  • The fold out mailer holder is great for holding parcels/letters
  • There is a dedicated button to zero out the display.
  • The Hold and tare functions are on remote.


Some users would have preferred a longer cord to the LCD display.

Testimonials and Customer Reviews

This scale works really well, and I really like the display unit that is separate from the scale so that I can weigh larger item without having to squint to read the weight. It is accurate by 0.1oz, unlike other cheaper scales that has lesser accuracy of 0.2oz.

Although it comes with AC adapter, I’ve only used the batteries it came with. Also, it is better than the cheaper scales because it can be calibrated using any weight. So far, it is worth its price and I wish I had bought this scale earlier.

Dan the Engineer, Amazon Customer Review

It is a very good product. The only thing, the platform is smaller than I thought(I was imagining I could weigh my baby on it. Still can just put something big on the platform :). It does everything it is supposed to. I use it for shipping and my kitchen needs.

Julia Petrova, Amazon Customer Review

This scale is great. I got for my work so we could weigh packages to UPS out. It is very compact and very handy. I’ve weighed items on it that are 77″ long you just have to balance them properly. We tested this against another scale and they matched up perfectly right out of the box. We don’t use it a whole lot so I’m sure it will last us a long time. I works greats for the price and the quality is amazing.

I love that the read out is not connected to the scale so you can move it where you need it to be able to see. We run it on AC so we don’t need to use batteries with it. Just plug it in and your ready to go. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a efficient scale for a good price.

Shelly R, Amazon Customer ReviewAccuteck ShipPro 110lbs Digital Shipping Postal Scale

The Accuteck ShipPro 110lbs Digital Shipping Postal Scale has been reviewed by 325 customers on Amazon with a great customer rating of 4.6 out of 5.0.


The Accuteck ShipPro W-8580-110lbs Digital Postal Scale is perfect for a small business, or home use. It is easy to use, reliable and accurate. It can weigh packages and letters up to 110 lbs. The scale can be powered by batteries, USB cable, and Ac adapter.

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