Weighmax 2822-35 lbs Postal Shipping Scale Review

Weighmax 2822-35 lbs Postal Shipping Scale Review

Weighmax 2822-35 lbs Capacity, Blue, Postal Shipping Scale ReviewThe Weighmax 2822-35 lbs Postal Scale is a scale that weighs letters and packages easily and accurately. No longer is it a problem to weigh small to medium sized items. With the Weighmax 2822-35, weighing anything that needs to be shipped out is an easy process, and can be carried out in a matter of minutes.

Key Features

  • Can weigh up to 35 pounds
  • Has an accuracy of 0.2 ounces
  • Mode switching feature
  • Buttons for both tare and hold functions
  • Unique auto-hold system
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty

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The Weighmax 2822-35 lbs Postal Shipping Scale is a practical buy for people looking for a convenient scale for home or small business scale use. This postal shipping scale can weigh letters, bundles and care packages up to 35 pounds in weight. It can weigh objects down to an accuracy level of 0.2 ounces.

This device can weigh objects in a variety of units such as grams, kilograms or pounds, which is an especially important feature when it comes to shipping objects overseas, where other weight rules and regulations may apply.

The scale comes with an auto-hold feature, which allows you to freeze the weight of the object on the scale, so you never have to re-weigh items more than necessary. The tare function allows you to weigh objects more accurately as well.Weighmax 2822-35 lbs Capacity, Blue, Postal Shipping Scale UsesThe Weighmax 2822-35 scale is a sturdy postal shipping scale, that comes with a lifetime warranty. It is easy to use, just turn it on, wait for the zero, place your box on it and it beeps to let you know it’s got a number.


  • The tare and auto-hold features of the scale. It will also lock the weight in the LCD so you can remove the package and the weight says posted.
  • Measures down to a tenth of a pound.
  • The battery that comes with the device, which is a good go-to when times of black outs or energy short outs occur.
  • Has the ability to weigh in customary and metric units
  • It can be powered by both battery and AC adapter.
  • The scales compact size means that it doesn’t take up much room.


Some users however, have been left less that satisfied with this scale, commenting that it is difficult to calibrate,

Customer Reviews

Most users are more than happy with weighing post using the Weighmax 2822-35 lbs scales. They are impressed with how it works quickly and easily. It also works accurately, weighing items down to 0.2 pounds.

Users have also commended the device on its tare and auto-hold features, as well as the battery it comes with. Some users however, have been left less than satisfied with this product, saying that it is difficult to calibrate.

I needed a scale to determine postage prices on items that I sell on ebay. I hated waiting in line at the post office so I decided to purchase this one based on the reviews. It is really simple to use! The maximum capacity is 35 lbs which is fine for me since most of my items are either a few ounces or a couple pounds.

Shirley Bonnani, Amazon Customer Review

I do not see how this can not be 5 stars. I use this for eBay and have no complaints. It is extremely simple to use. The scale is big and sturdy enough to hold large boxes still. Great price too. I love going to the Post Office with a huge line and just dropping my stuff off because it’s already weighed and payed for.

Ryan, Amazon Customer Review

Weighmax 2822-35 lbs Postal Shipping Scale I was so tired of my daily trips to the post office to ship products. I read so many great reviews on this scale and decided to purchase it. It works perfect, the scale is accurate. I love that it was half the price as the ones you can buy at the post office. And I love that it weighs up to 35lbs! You will not be disappointed with this scale!

M Smith, Amazon Customer Review

The Weighmax 2822-35 lbs has been reviewed by 376 customers on Amazon with an impressive customer rating of 4.4 out of 5.0. Click here for more verified customer reviews on Amazon.


Overall, the Weighmax 2822-35 lbs Shipping Scale is a practical buy for anybody looking for a good scale to use for at home or for small-scale businesses. It weights all letters, bundles and packages quickly and accurately, in a manner that is both stress-free and easy.

Where to Buy

Weighmax 2822-35 lbs Shipping Scale

If your only ever going to weigh small light packages then checkout the Weighmax USPS Style W-2812 5Lb Postal Mailing Scale

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