Weighmax 2822-75LB Postal Shipping Scale Review

Weighmax 2822-75LB Postal Shipping Scale Review

Weighmax 2822-75LB Postal Shipping Scale

Weighmax 2822-75LB Review: The Weighmax 2822-75LB Postal Shipping Scale is a popular shipping scale used by a variety of users. Based on over 1000 reviews on Amazon the scale scores an impressive 4.6/5.0 mainly down to its ease of use in weighing letters, bundles and packages. No longer is it difficult to weight items before delivering them to a customer’s mailbox.

Weighmax 2822-75LB postal shipping scale
Weighmax 2822-75LB

Perfect and Simple to Use

The Weighmax 2822 is capable of weight items up to an impressive 75lbs. It features easy to use Tare function, auto shut off and a large display allows you to read the weight of an item easily. It has an accuracy of 0.2 ounces.

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The Weighmax 2822-75LB Postal Shipping Scale is a postal scale that easily weighs letters and packages quickly and accurately. The scale manages to weigh packages up to 75lbs in weight, with an accuracy of 0.2 ounces.

Weighmax 2822-75LB Postal Shipping ScaleThis scale comes with multiple features such as a tare button, different modes and a hold button to assist in the convenient weighing of any bundle. The auto-hold system of the Weighmax 2822-75LB Shipping Scale allows a user to never lose sight of the object’s weight while applying the required postage labels.

This scale is battery operated and therefore does not need to be plugged in or charged overnight. Like all Weighmax products, the Weighmax 2822-75LB Postal Shipping Scale comes with a lifetime warranty. This shows just how durable and strong this 3.4 pound scale is.

Key Features

  • Has a maximum weight capacity of 75lbs
  • Has an accuracy of 0.2 ounces
  • Comes with mode switches, hold and tare options
  • Unique auto-hold system
  • Battery operated
  • Comes with a life time warranty

Customer Reviews

This scale is perfect for my needs. It is very accurate as I have tested it against a couple of other smaller scales that I have. I needed something that would weigh heavier items. This one goes up to 75lbs. I’ve had no problems with it so far.

The vendor I bought it from in the Amazon Marketplace shipped this item very quickly, and had great communication throughout the purchase process. I would recommend this scale for anybody who needs one to weigh large parcels. This does not hook to your computer, but I did not need that. You can’t beat this for the price.

Freddie G, Amazon Customer Review

This scale is great for my business. The first day I got it, I matched it against the post office’s scale, and it was spot on. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will retain its accuracy. For the price, it is definitely well worth it. I might even get another one just to have as a backup, even though it does come with a warranty.

Denvas, Amazon Customer Review

This small scale has been used almost every day since I purchased it. The scale locks into the weight and holds a reading for several seconds after an object is removed and I find this very helpful when weighing large packages. Choosing the larger weight range (up to 75 lbs) was a good choice.

The on/off buttons are conveniently located. Mostly the scale sits on an open shelf and I use it there. I thought the external plug-in power supply would be an essential feature and, I suppose, if I used the scale all day long it would be. But so far the battery power is working well and the easy on/off switches enable occasional use.

Eric Lewis, Amazon Customer Review

It can be concluded that a large percentage of people who have used and reviewed the Weighmax 2822-75LB Scale are more than happy with the results they have gotten. This scale works easily, quickly and accurately. The modes and different buttons of the scale have been commended as well.

The Weighmax 2822-75LB has been reviewed by 1539 customers on Amazon with a great customer rating of 4.6 stars out of 5.0.


  • The Weighmax 2822-75LB Postal Shipping Scale weighs packages and letters accurately and quickly only having to wait about 1-2 seconds before the weight of the object popped out on the LED face.
  • The different modes, wherein you can change weight units to pounds or kilograms
  • Easy to read LED display
  • Audible indicator when weight is calculated
  • Weight display locks (for approximately 10 seconds) when item is removed (in case the display was not visible due to size of item).
  • The scales was operational straight from the box.
  • TARE function.


Some users have had issues with the ‘hold’ feature although it is handy if the item blocks the readout, but it jumps in pretty quick, and resets a little slowly.

Weighmax 2822-75LB Postal Shipping Scale


Overall, the Weighmax 2822-75LB Postal Shipping Scale is a practical buy for anyone looking for a good scale for home use or small businesses. This scale is both practical and accurate.

If you are looking for a scale for larger type business however, wherein objects to be weighed are regularly over 75lbs, then maybe a bigger postal scale might be for you.

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