Weighmax USPS Style W-2812 5Lb Postal Mailing Scale Review

Weighmax USPS Style W-2812 5Lb Postal Mailing Scale Review

The Weighmax USPS Style W-2812 5Lb Postal Mailing Scale is a handy mailing scale that can weigh all types of letters, bundles and packages up to 5 pounds.

This tiny scale can weigh even the smallest of outgoing packages. Because of how delicate it is, the scales can be used for measuring ingredients when baking and cooking purposes.

Weighmax USPS Style W-2812 5Lb Postal Mailing Scale Review


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Key Features

  • Can weigh items weighing up to 5 pounds
  • Has an accuracy of 0.1 ounces
  • Can weigh items in grams, ounces and pounds
  • Comes with both tare and hold functions
  • Operates in 1pc 9v battery (included) and Ac adapter(not included)
  • Comes with a 9-volt battery

Sending out light bundles is no longer a problem. The Weighmax W-2812 5Lb Scale is there to help you for all your mailing needs. It can weigh even the lightest of letters and packages. The device can hold weight up to 5 pounds, with an accuracy of 0.1 ounces. The device can weigh items in terms of grams, ounces and pounds.

The tare function of the scale allows you to weigh multiple items in a short amount of time. The hold function allows you to freeze an object’s weight on the scale’s LCD screen, so you never lose the amount displayed.

Weighmax USPS Style W-2812 5Lb Postal Mailing Scale

The W-2812 scale can weigh thing that are so light, that the device may even serve a dual purpose for cooking and baking needs. The scale can work both with an AC adaptor and a 9-volt battery which is included in the scale’s kit.


  • The scale is small, which is especially ideal for home use and small-scale business operations.
  • Both the hold and tare options work well. With the hold function you can weigh oversized packages even on this compact scale
  • The accuracy of the device has been greatly commended.
  • The auto-off is a real battery saver.
  • Can easily change the Mode allowing you to weigh in LBs/Ounces or Grams


One thing that users did not enjoy that much about this device is the beeping sounds it makes upon turning on, stabilizing and whenever pressing a button.

Customer Reviews

All in all, it can be said that a great number of customers are satisfied with this scale. It works quickly and accurately. The design of the model has been commended, as well as its capability to hold objects that might roll off the scale in place. Some users however, have been left less that satisfied with this product, saying that the scale makes annoying beeping sounds when in use.

I’m glad I picked this one. It’s great! Quality scale. It has substantial feel to it, like it’s built well. The display is great and shows what mode you’re in. It has a fold-up piece to hold things that would roll off the flat surface. Make sure you have a 5 pound weight for calibrating it.

HikingMike, Amazon Customer Review

Wonderful scale. I use it in the kitchen to weight food stuff and I also use it to weigh mail so I will know how much postage to put on my letters. Up to 1 oz is a regular stamp, I only buy forever stamps, and it is 20 cents for each additional ounce, I bought a sheet of 20 cent stamps. Now I don’t have to go to the post office if I question if a letter is heavier than it should be.

Mike, Amazon Customer Review

This postal scale meets my needs to weigh small envelops. It is compact and therefore easy to store. It is easy to use, turn it on, place the envelop onto the scale, and read the digital readout. I believe the scale gives accurate readings because none of the envelops that I have mailed out recently, have been returned to me for incorrect postage.

R J, Amazon Customer Review

The Weighmax W-2812 scale has been reviewed by 326 customers on Amazon and has been given an impressive customer rating of 4.4 out of 5.0. Click here to see all 326 verified reviews.Weighmax USPS Style W-2812 5Lb Postal Mailing Scale


Overall, the Weighmax USPS Style W-2812 5Lb Postal Mailing Scale is an inexpensive and practical buy for anybody searching for a handy, compact scale to use at home or for small-scale businesses. Click here to see the latest price and rating on Amazon.

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